He, that submits his will to the overwhelming feminine fantasy of what is right, is considered refined and enlightened.

Like a little girl who speaks of how things should be, not knowing even the slightest thing about the realities of the world and yet so self-assured in her stupidity, the modern man barks loudly about fairness and tolerance and all other tones that could only please the feminine ear.

He himself, this enlightened man, is that little girl, pathetic as the emotionally skewed and tainted drivel pours forth.

He will go off and lift the sword with his toothpick arm to fight in the downtrodden’s cause yet his world is crumbling beneath him. He is too concerned with the others plight to notice. How very benevolent is he.

He can bark loudly while riding the crest of the wave that brings the destruction of all he knows and he, from his perch, can disparage and scorn those who do not join with him in his girlishness.

Raise your toothpick arm high my brother for the weight of the sword will be too much for you and gravity will do the job of original justice when its blade comes down on your neck.