Many of the Western nations are existing on a thin layer of security and organization that has thinned over time and is now dangerously close to breaking. This layer of security and organization was built by a different people then those that occupy these lands today.

These builders were better people, more capable and more aware of the realities of this world. These people were willing to fight to protect their own interests and they were not ashamed to do so, they were not ashamed of their power or its use to achieve selfish ends.

Today we see a new people, one that would be unrecognizable to those builders of the past, who dwell in the same lands but are weaker and unaware of what it takes to maintain security and organization. This new people places convoluted notions of worthiness, steeped in feminized pseudo-morality above all else, even security, organization, success and maintenance of life.

We are living off the exploits of our forefathers and we are not only not contributing and building upon what they have built but we are allowing what they have built to crumble into ruins. We are the remnants of what was once great. We are the dwellers of the ruins. We look out from the mess and scorn the builders for what today would be considered intolerant ways of being.

Nice is not noble nor is it noble to raise the abject in some false hope of earning righteousness. Righteousness is only earned by achieving mastery over the levelers and then leaving them behind and rising higher still in order to achieve Ascendancy.

Only when the chaff has been left behind can the true Ascendancy occur and only a people who makes its own wellbeing the primary objective survive the travails of time and the challenges that nature will lay before it.