Empathize with the enemy and you are a traitor. Learn what makes the adversary tick only to use the knowledge gleaned to destroy them, not to feel as though you are more refined and enlightened because of your empathetic character. This new standard of sympathetic consideration of all views, be they corrupt or not, has made the bounds of acceptable behavior stretch beyond what is healthy for a society.

The walking debris places so much emphasis on understanding other people’s views that are contrary to our own that they have lost site of what is right and wrong. If an act is seen as immoral in our culture it does not matter what other cultures think about that act and when that act is committed by an outsider within our society there is no need to contemplate how the perpetrator viewed the act in the fist place. What matters is something that goes against our ways occurred and the guilty must be punished.

Our standards in the past were absolute and not relative. The sliding scale of relative standards or morality is a concoction of those wishing to destroy our society. The fact that most of the West’s standards are now relative shows how the system has been manipulated by those who, having the sole intent of destruction in mind, coaxed many into believing that it was within the rights of man to pursue that which is not proper and is damaging. And they have labeled this affect “freedom” thus cheapening the word.

Freedom does mean different things to different people but this difference only exemplifies the discrepancy between higher and lower man. Lower man sees freedom as the right to live by relative standards or that which pleases him at that moment for whatever purpose suits him personally at that moment. To him nothing is absolute.

Is it not obvious what mans purpose is, or at least higher mans purpose and is it also not obvious that lower man burdens higher man, continually dragging him down with his pleas for more individual freedom that is actually nothing more then recently sanctioned depravity.

Life is so much easier for the stupid who view the world as their personal toilet, happy to have a full belly, be entertained and to fornicate. They have no real responsibility and are cared for like little babies, but they will never truly live, they are the unburdened and the unknowing, who even in the face of their own destruction would rather occupy themselves with the Endless Pursuit of Comfort.

Absolute standards act as a filter removing all impurity, allowing only the best to pass through and continue in their purpose. But as society continually weakens it places lower and lower standards on itself, allowing the lowest common denominator to slide downward. A society that is content with itself is a society that is already dead. A society that allows its lowest element to dictate the height of quality is a society that is the rotting carcass of an extinct animal.