To accomplish, a struggle must be waged. Achievement without the necessary battle is hollow and most likely has been given as a reward for service to someone stronger. To receive these treats happily is submission to the stronger, and to submit is slavery. To achieve having waged the fight is glorious and confirms ones freedom. To fail after waging a long battle is nature testing you, you will either submit and become a slave or you will continue the struggle knowing full well victory may be unattainable. The strongest, those with iron resolve are those that fight and never taste victory but continue undaunted. The win is a good thing and should be pursued but it often signals an end. This is one facet of the masculine ideal, the love of the fight, the joy found in struggle but in the service of a goal which is bigger then the man himself. This one facet of the masculine ideal is the foundation of true man and is what has been lost in our modern times. Now man calls strength his willingness to tolerate every conceivable evil. Modern man stands before us now in our era on his knees hands outstretched and palms up awaiting his handout. He flees from struggle and seeks ease and as such his honor is in ruins. He seeks the easy comfort of slavery, free from struggle, because he fears failure more then he desires victory.