What law holds sway over man had not been established in the previous 2500+ years of lawmaking? And why if modern man is so much more wise and righteous then the so-called heathens of the past does he need to have every single facet of his life, and the conduct of its procedure, dictated for him. Virtually no part of modern life, however small, continues without the manipulating efforts of some minor law. Mankind has survived since the beginning without laws that govern the minutia of his every day life, but today the politicians love to dictate from on high the procedural conduct of nearly every single moment and action of every life to those who dwell below. Like benevolent gods these politicians only consider the welfare of the flock, never their own self-interest, they wield the crook to direct the little lambs below like an overprotective mother guides the trial steps of the little one whose destiny awaits.

But who are these self-proclaimed gods or shepherds? And are they really so benevolent? And why do they see good law as that which shapes every aspect of modern life, ripping from man all responsibility, transforming him into a mere object which graciously accepts further encroachment upon his freedom.

Why does it seem man was once more free to direct his own destiny and why does he now rejoice as the world around him closes in, his freedom directly related to whatever whim strikes the politician on any particular day. The politician has achieved his purpose in that he has become the provider to the masses and in living their lives the masses must turn to the politician for direction and sustenance. How has man managed to fall so far having accomplished so much in the past, why has he allowed himself to be remade in the image of an infant having once been a true man.

These politicians, the elite’s as they love to refer to themselves (see this post regarding elite’s) are themselves made out of the same quality of man that exists before us today. In a democracy the politicians are elected by the majority. These politicians are only chosen if they can prove that they will provide the next great phase in the unburdening of man, relieving him from all struggle, torment and responsibility. Only if he confirms their belief in the Endless Pursuit of Comfort at the expense of all else will he ever take the reins to shepherd them along. The masses being increasingly made up of the weak wants to hear how they will be given that which will make their lives easier and so the politician regurgitates what he must.

Now the politicians, chosen to serve by the masses based solely on his ability to make the lives of the multitude more conformable at whatever cost creates laws that works toward that end. This process continues over and over, before long you have a self fulfilling agenda where the weak are elected to govern the weak who wish to be removed from nearly every aspect of personal responsibility and allowed, nay, encouraged to seek their own pleasure which is also referred to as decadence. A sort of blessing from some office, seemingly existing above the fray, which provides a false dignity to their degeneracy. A vicious circle has been constructed which can be controlled by the ever devious and the calculating evil. Those who gain by mankind annihilating himself, those that wish to control the disaster so they might milk the situation and rule over the self-absorbed.

The weak ruling the weak, the standards and morals and goals bent to the will of the viscous circle controlled by the calculating evil. Ask yourself is this the process toward the Ascendancy of Man, is this what brings Higher man to the forefront or is this the denial that Higher man can ever exist at all. The great betrayal, the liberation of man from responsibility and action, the joy in the pursuit of atrophy and inevitable destruction. Is this the end, or maybe the pinnacle of mankind happened long ago and we are living the regression.

There was a time when the state made law for the sake of avoiding cataclysm not to guide man in his day to day life. When two men were in conflict they solved their problems with force might prevailing and as such established strength as the singular component that forced evolution. Modern law in all its pernicious forms has altered the balance of strength and weakness, the weak now on par with the strong and the strong muted to the level of the weak. Only those wrongly elevated by this imbalance can call it justice, knowing all the while you can not call a thing justice that is at first based in the greatest injustice. But who are the weak to complain as they please themselves with false righteousness, enjoying the frivolity of the times ever making gains in their Endless Pursuit of Comfort, inviting not an end to their means but an end in and of itself.