Modern society is set up for the singular purpose of making the demise of man pleasant. Having chosen equality as the primary tenet around which is raised the screen that portrays man as glorious while denying his ever-increasing mediocrity. This causes the inadequacies of man to be closed off from view and inflates his sense of self-worth. How very moral this act of compassion, at least by the standards modern man judges himself by.

However, by performing these supposed acts of compassion modern man has resigned himself to the perpetuation of mediocrity in the pursuit of equality and thereby denies the innate value trapped within mankind. This courtship of ruin could only mean that mankind feels he has reached his zenith and as previously stated above is now committed to making the demise as pleasant as possible.

These supposed enlightened humanitarians by their very beliefs prove that they have no faith in mankind and if you have no faith in mankind can you truly love mankind as they claim to? So what then is a humanitarian and what is compassion? Are these just disguised words for the hospice of a dying patient? Is it nobler to ask nothing from mankind and allow him to rest as he atrophies or is it nobler to demand from him all his energy in the pursuit of excellence? Is it nobler to allow all of mankind to die out or is it nobler to push his best elements onward? Is the sanctioned wallowing in mediocrity more virtuous then the struggle for Ascendancy? And why must equality and fairness, by the present definition, equate only with the diminishing of mankind?

To love mankind does not mean you must love every element within him. To love mankind is not to take the good with the bad, it is not to withhold judgment for the sake of tolerance while renouncing quality. Love what mankind can be and hate what low state he finds himself in, know that it is impossible to raise the abject and that they must be aloud to fall from the nest to their demise if the healthy are to inherit the world. But know also within the context of this great tragedy of utmost reality, a reality that is the nature of this earth and mankind, that greatness will rise and the Ascendancy of man will commence.