The hollow man, the ineffectual who derives self value in advocating the welfare and betterment of those who are unwilling to do for themselves is a blot on the soul of mankind, he is the thing to which one can point at and say, “that is the subjugator of the human spirit incarnate. But the human spirit to him is a justifiable causality in the war against an unjust world.

In his advocacy this man, who has too much free time on his hands to begin with, ridicules the successful society and attempts to infuse some sense of guilt upon it. His goal being a re-disbursement of funds, taking from those who have and giving it to those that do not. This act in itself kills the human spirit by stifling the human will to achieve, rewarding the lazy and stupid perpetuating their behavior and taking away from the industrious their ability to excel. And for what purpose, so the torpid can feel better about themselves knowing their lack of success can no longer be pointed out because success itself no longer exists. And what becomes of the once successful who have now been deprived of that which they have been created for, namely the endeavor toward achievement. And when this new world has been created who among the shiftless equal horde will lead? Most likely the hollow man who sees himself as infinitely justifiable and virtuous will step to the fore.

There is more to the story then the hoped for betterment of mankind by way of the homogenization of humanity. This new world where all are equal in every aspect would be a world of abject slaves who would be incapable and lowly, nothing more then happy oblivious animals grazing. This would be the cessation of mans ascent, the end of his vitality and the end of freedom.

Our world works in a certain way that is undeniable and not defiable, it is usually a balance of opposing sides. It is a world where there can be no success without failure, a world were pleasant thoughts about complete fairness are unrealistic and a world that would collapse in on itself if complete equality were unnaturally forced. The betterment of mankind will not come from a prohibition on success but an embracing of the realties of this world which are obvious and plain for all to see.