Arete, defined by the Ancient Greeks as living to ones full potential in mind and body within a perfect balance, is what liberty is meant to secure for us. The ability to pursue our personal excellence and wholeness without restraint, offering us the ability to pursue our best selves. Liberty is not the right to pursue anything that provides you pleasure. The liberal movements of the past were initiated to allow the lower classes the opportunity to become examples of Arete regardless of birth and class. Liberty is an opportunity to become better not an excuse to become worthless, it is the right to become an aristocrat of the soul.

If every man pursued his own Arete and this search for excellence in all respects was applied to the polity, man would evolve beyond his current self and would move ever closer to his Ascendancy. Man would be reinvigorated and would shed that which destroys his spirit and that which burdens him. He would callously release that element of himself that is incapable, to stand on its own and grow or wither away.

No society, where every man is developing his own Arete, can be enslaved by the spell of weakness. These men would laugh at the concept of Socialism and all forms of welfare and these men would praise strength unabashedly and stamp out all that weights him down.

It is clear to those that delight in the possibilities of mankind that those who stand in the way are the corrupters of the human spirit. These corrupters who have designs to so burden the capable man that his ascent will never be possible also limit the lower strata of man who longs to prove himself by achievement. They destroy Arete by redefining it as intolerance and as such it becomes a sin. These corrupters reveal their total lack of faith in mankind and act as if they are benevolent gods looking down on the pathetic theatre of man knowing that in mediocrity mankind can feel fulfilled and thereby complacent. They take from mankind all that makes him human and turn him into a herd animal, one that is perfectly designed to suit their purpose.