The lower strata of man believes it is the responsibility of others to provide his daily bread and that his responsibility is fulfilled in the consumption of that bread.

This is why Socialism was devised, implemented and perpetuated by those wishing to be the lower mans benefactor, not out of some sense of altruism but in order that the lower strata would become dependent to them and thus manageable, becoming their implement.

Today it is very clear that this utensil class is growing and becoming that which sets the new standards which are completely at odds with the old standards, those that built Western Civilization.

Oh what joyous times are these, when before our very eyes man is emasculated becoming a contented eunuch, dispossessed of his dignity and honor.

Modern Western Civilization’s emasculation is best seen in the rise of the Cult of Weakness, that nefarious cabal that praises mans lethargy and nurtures all his inferior characteristics reclassifying them as admirable attributes.