The world is imperfect and the promise of quality has been rebuked.

Lower man at one time wanted to be accepted with his flaws, put on the level as those of a higher level based on nothing more then the fact that he exists but that was not good enough. Now lower man rejoices in his flaws, that which proves his lack of quality and he wants, no, demands that he not only be raised to the level of higher man but exceed him, as if his flaws were some form of super attribute. Lower man now, in his utter uselessness, his complete lack of quality, his total ineffectualness and indifference is now sacrosanct. The keys to the wall have been handed over to him, like never before seen in the history of mankind.

We are living in the era of the pathetic and useless as consecrated, as the capable and creative are scorned. The world is ass backward. But hark! There is a small joy to be gleaned from this new testament of shame and the reality it encompasses…

There can not exist that which is contrary to the reality of nature.

The mouse will not rise up and consume the cat nor will the meek inherit this world.

The lower man may very well banish the last remnants of higher man and reign supreme but it will be a world of mud devoid of culture. Nature will consume this putrid version of the world setting all the wrongs right in some glorious conflagration, a twilight of the “wannabe gods of decline”.

Will higher man alone rise from the ashes to build the world anew or would he have long since succumbed, a mere footnote in the pages of a forgotten history that only the remaining magma remembers.

At least we can say that in the name of equality, tolerance and fairness we snuffed out the human spirit and made all the starta of man into one giant mass of shit. Everything was ruined, yes, but did we not prove how righteous we were.