The masses, freed from the restraint of aristocratic rule, were to determine their own fate. This was the ideal of freedom and was based upon the presupposition that the masses were in fact more capable then the ruling class had realized and if allowed to rise up could become noble. There was however an implied level of quality that was absolutely necessary and this is why the system was still exclusionary. The masses were given representation, not a direct voice.

The perfect governing system would be a direct democracy, a body of equals who debate and decide on the fate of their society. This however is unrealistic in the current phase of human evolution for many reasons. First off there are too many people, second people are not equal and third true direct democracy requires homogeneity. The first issue, that of too many people, could be partially dealt with using modern contrivances, but the last two issues which are really the same issue are currently not capable of being overcome.

Representative democracy seems as though it would solve the problems that are congenital to the application of direct democracy in a modern society. This might have been at least somewhat true, ignoring the fact that making concessions for the lower elements sets a bad precedent, had it not been for the designed rise of the lowest elements of man using forced equality and the inevitable tyranny of this simple majority that was to follow. This simple majority that defines its value by the happiness of its worst at the expense of its best continually lowers itself promoting the slave mentality, so enamored with the Endless Pursuit of Comfort that it makes it the guiding principal.

Now instead of a “rising up” of the best elements within the masses and a possible “pulling up” of the rest, the whole system has been debased and all aristocratic elements are gone. Cutting mankind off from all paths to higher ground and causing him to believe his new path to enlightenment is through self-indulgence.

If an Ascendancy of man is to occur the first step would be the effacement of that which has constructed the false rise of the lowest elements of man, the Calculated Evil. Only then can a rise of reality commence where the strongest and best take the reigns again only this time providing an avenue for the ascent of the masses in order to build the ranks of higher man for his coming war against that which constrains him.