There were once two boys. One was superior to the other and as such made the other feel inadequate. These two boys grew up in the same small community and at every step the superior boy over shadowed the other. The lowly boy wished to be eminent and was jealous of the superior boy, so jealous in fact that he had fantasies of the superior boys early demise and what truly gave him pleasure was when that demise came by the work of his own hands.

Years passed and the animosity of the lowly boy grew at the same rate the superior boy’s glory grew.

When both boys became men the situation intensified but whereas the superior man never even considered the lowly man, the lowly man thought of nothing else but the superior man. And so the superior man ascended to glorious heights and the lowly man was stagnant, trapped in his animosity. Where the superior man bettered himself even though he was already so prominent the lowly man seethed in his growing hatred and decayed.

But the day did come when the lowly man remembered all his childhood fantasies and decided to act on them. He however was no match for the superior man in his present condition so he trained himself to his task and in time he became a capable killing machine.

The lowly man, tuned to perfection, set a date to complete his mission and in his perfected self and his purpose found some sense of contentment.

The day came and the lowly man headed out to confront the superior man. For the first time in a long while he was delighted to meet the day and as he approached the town center he saw that object of his hatred.

It seemed to him that everything was going perfectly. But when he attacked the man all his pent up rage burst forth in one blinding instant and he became lost in the moment. When he regained himself he was looking up from the ground at his nemesis who was standing over him. It was then that he realized the superior man had smote him and that he was breathing his last breath. The last thing his fading vision saw was the superior man turning his back to him and walking away. The lowly man strained to watch him and then died.