The pathetic and weak are always the ones who call for tolerance and fairness. They do not wish to be held to any standard thus tolerance of their uselessness is a priority for them. Why do they always put the burden on others to accept them or people like them for what they are? Why must the less capable be accepted for their lack of proficiency and not required to improve? Why do they not keep their mouths closed and either withstand their low status and its rightful abuses or make themselves equal by improving?

Why don’t they do this? Because no one likes to receive abuse and live a low status life and it takes hard work to make oneself better. Why do either of these things if you can just revert to infancy and go crying to mother. She will make you feel better about what you really are, sugar coating your wretched existence so that happiness can flourish. God knows if anything must flourish in the West it is happiness. Even if that happiness is an imbecilic, responsibility shirking response to a declining reality.

This is one of the major reasons the West is falling apart. We have become a society of infants and mother is a giant government bureaucracy headed by people who are just as pathetic, if not more so, then the wretched horde.

There is no honor exhibiting your weaknesses and then demanding no one call you out on them, there is nothing glorious about fighting for the rights of the pathetic to continue being pathetic. There is no reverence for the happily pitiful.

There is value and quality and then there is lack of it. There is nothing else, no middle ground and no gray areas. You are not wonderful because you are a content failure and you do not have value just because you draw breath.

Advocacy of weakness is a crime against living reality and nothing else. It is a crime that forces a regression of mankind for the sake of niceness and imbecilic happiness. It is a crime perpetrated by the weak and ineffectual so that they can remain weak and ineffectual. It is a spell that has been cast over Western Civilization for the single purpose of destroying it and whether it is calculated and designed to do so or is just a natural consequence of a dying people it should not be tolerated.