Socialism is on the rise in the world and its rise is directly related to the declining quality of man. Where the quality of man goes down the call for Socialism goes up, it is simple math.

A healthy society sees its responsibilities as its own, not something that is handed off to a government machine, especially when those responsibilities are of a personal nature like the acquisition of ones own daily bread.

Socialism, being the system of managing the useless and pathetic, the crybaby shit asses of the world, is desired by the stupid who believe it works to garner them more material without the requisite struggle that should be necessary to attain said material. What these simpletons do not realize is that by allowing someone else, or something else, to dictate their place they have lost control and thus become a kind of slave to a system.

Socialism is reality filtered, chewed and spit down the gullet of the masses. It is nothing more then that.

Socialism is for the weak. Socialism is for the pathetic. Socialism is a diaper doctrine for the ineffectual, it is the opposite of healthy it is a system designed to weaken.

Look at those who support Socialism, those who demand Socialism and those who pull the strings of Socialism, and you will see a freak show of unimaginable proportions. The pathetic and weak, the slovenly and the corrupt, the hypocritical and the grotesque who themselves are parasites and attempt to turn the world into the same.

As we head into the future we are faced with a decision, either get back on track and pursue excellence or embrace the decline of man with ignorant bliss also called Socialism.