The renowned corrupter, with his philosophy of a calculated evil has been forced to refine his ideas over the generations so as to make them palatable for others to follow. That his philosophy was necessary in the first place was due to his utter weakness and his need to modify himself to survive in the world. It was that or become superior and genetically that course would have lead to a dead end. And so the corrupter’s philosophy is based on the singular principal of “his own survival at the expense of all else” and for the weak to survive, the strong must be corrupted. The fate of a direct competition would only lead down the same path as the project of self-improvement, namely a dead end.

Early he came upon this idea of corruption as a means to lower the state of the world and by consequence to make himself master of this new lowly domain. As the quality is sucked away from the pool and the standards drop what eventually is revealed, by the dropping waterline, is the renowned corrupter standing high, looking down on the debris left in the puddle. He was lowly but now he is above. He is no closer to becoming Higher Man but as all the others are so much further now he seems so much closer to it. It has become easy for him to see but he uses his new elevation only to look downward.

Should the renowned corrupter have this ability to push down without an equal or greater force coming back? Should that force not overwhelm him? In an act of natural rightness should not the boot of Higher Man stand on the neck of the renowned corrupter? Should there not be a reckoning?

Higher man, transitional man, looks upward and in this he may seem callous, his lack of regard for those below, but he labors toward his destiny and this task is more important than anything else and to slow it by trifling matters and regression is the catastrophic transgression.

The pool must be refilled and in so doing drowned out the renowned corrupter, the one whose feet are one with the ground, raising the level of quality again.

The “renowned corrupter” uses the “cult of weakness” as a tool. Both of these term 1)renowned corrupter and 2)cult of weakness being metaphors.