Modern Society is ill, it has been homogenized into a variable wasteland. It is a strange new world where mankind is coddled on the one hand, avoiding danger at all costs and then at the same time promoting individuality as the right to express the most devious and utterly contemptible behavior all the while calling it an expression of liberty. It is all so fake and shallow, weak and pathetic so much so that its every expression is a joke that only proves how fraudulent it is. There is no culture, culture has been eradicated on the grounds that any particular culture will offend some other. There are only rules that must be followed, rules that are designed to snuff fires the likes of which in the past had propelled mankind to do the great things. Reality of the discriminating mind, the real soul of man, has been specifically targeted and silenced. Only muted gray expressions that conform to the new apocryphal canon are permitted. And the masses, the great deteriorating element like a caustic liquid corrode the foundations of Western Civilization and power and for what? Nothing more then jealousy, a rabid hatred of that which is better and a desire to see it perish so that they can not be held up to its once great standards. Destruction for the sake of ones ability to be smaller a lesser version of something great. Mankind needs a guiding light but no one believes they, a wannabe god of decline, can be led for they alone are the great and as each says the same unison the flaccid self-proclamations are drowned out and become moronic. Some men are born to lead most are born to follow and some yet are born to be a burden to all the rest. This burden class was not meant to be revered and empowered. This world has begun a collapse into itself, a new self where knowledge will be forgotten and populations will die out and the stupid will reign supreme. In this future the ignorant inhabitants will wonder at what we once were and be incapable of achieving anything similar. Maybe after thousands of years they will work themselves to where we once were only to become us again riding the downward slope and then repeat the process over and over until Helios shines no more.