Where do you go from pathetic, what is next? Antagonism toward that which provided the commodious stage upon which the decline to the pathetic state has played out.

Where does a person who can find no value in themselves exhibit their worthiness to retain life? Where can the flaccid feel safe in expressions of a slight martial spirit? Again, in antagonism toward that which they know, that which has pampered them and provided them with an overbearing and yet counterfeit ego.

It would be hard to have an overbearing and yet counterfeit ego if the ascendant had not worked so hard to pave an easy way.

Deniers of reality seek to destroy that which has made them and yet that which made them is the only thing that separates them from reality and certain death.

The disingenuous rebellion of the pathetic against that which they can not live up to, and therefore denigrate in order to decrease its stature, is the symptom of an incurable disease wrought by success.

The higher man who achieves would do his heirs a favor by extinguishing them early, killing his line so that those who are aware within the decline would not be pulled down by the crashing wave, so mindful of their fate. But mankind does not do that.

It is better to be ignorant and blissful.