If you want to coddle the pathetic and/or make those that are currently effective and self-reliant into a horde of infants that need to be swaddled and cared for then Socialism is the system to best achieve that purpose. This effort However, to transform capable individualistic people into helpless ineffectuals reveals a true hatred of mankind that is the great stain of Socialism.

This hatred is best revealed by the destruction of the peaks of humanity in order to use the rubble to fill-in the valleys and by so doing, level mankind out into a equal vapid mass, one that has become less self-reliant and less proud. A mass that is now controllable because it no longer is desirous of that which exalts itself, its will has been replaced by the pleasure of the confines that keep it from challenging itself, creating a status quo where mediocrity is good enough. This creates a mankind that has been docked, separated from that part of himself that made him enterprising.

Any talk of raising mans quality of life by lowering him into the slavery of Socialism is nothing more then the drivel of either the pathetic that long to be cared for or those that are looking to control those wishing to be cared for. Those are the two segments of Socialism and each is looking to fulfill that which is worst in themself by destroying mankind’s ability to ascend.

There is no virility in Socialism because for Socialism to exist in the first place virility must be squashed. Socialism is a feminine idealized vision of a utopian society, one that exchanges freedom and individualism for some flaccid collective nightmare.

Socialism is like a drug, you are told how good it is and all it can do for you and when you try it you become hooked and need more of it. Socialism’s purveyors know this and they are winning the war to convert the minds of Western Civilization and they are ruining man at his core. The damage these vampires are causing may be irreversible, the very spell that has been cast has taken hold and like a cancer it can not be so easily removed. But remember this, like in the case of a cancer sometimes it is required that the infected flesh be cut out and discarded so that the healthy part might live. We must break the spell.