Modern society is enthralled with idleness and that which he sees as energetic pursuits are usually exercises in futility, a way to devour time in order to pass it with as little pain as possible and as much pleasure as possible. (There may be good in this for the weak but for the ambitious this is a sin against mans responsibility and essential objective of man.)

Most people are encapsulated in their idle lives, which they decorate with tasks so that their idleness is not obvious. The Endless Pursuit of Comfort is the primary false task but like most aspects of modernity it is a perfect tranquilizer.

One more example of a social tranquilizer is Benefaction.

It is release from responsibility to consider yourself and mankind in general as fully realized, free of needing refinement, and to focus ones energy on the deliverance of others.

It is much more complicated to apply energy to the progress of man because there is no quick result from simple labor.

It is not the responsibility of the upper domains of man to coddle and lift up the lower elements of man, especially since the one who uses their energy in such ways is doing this because of a known insufficiency on their part and the hope of rectifying that insufficiency. They dedicate themselves to such ventures not because they are moral but because they are corrupt and do not understand reality. In the quick fix project they can derive self worth but in their own descending life they feel hopeless.

It is not kindness to patronize the ineffectuals with charity nor is it a valuable use of time. These lower elements are not the forgotten victims of others success, they are the incapable, the chaff that has been left behind, that which is only burden. Any betterment for them must come from within and it surely can not be given to them by a more potent form of supplicant. This is merely the blind leading the blind through a field of landmines.

A altruistic person is one who has deferred their life, not due to sacrifice but because they have given up on themselves, they have lost what value their was in themselves and they recognize in the lowly what is in themselves, this causes that thing which is dangerous: shame. They place this shame on their peers and their ancestors but in actuality it is within them, they know they are not worthy of their position and are incapable of raising themselves.

They try to place their own shame on the society like a fog, a fog that limits the vision of others and reduces the ascent of the society which is leaving them behind.

They have realized that they are in fact chaff and their opposition to this manifests itself in hatred for that which is leaving them behind.

This is the basis of the Cult of Weakness, a group who like the failed and humiliated ex-Spartiate plots to raise the Helots to action, a bloodlust for that which has shed him.