It is right to be angered by that which appears improper and destructive and it is correct to wish harm on the same. It is a beautiful thing to be able to channel that anger into action and it is then the ability to apply power that reveals the true destiny at hand. Only force proves what is viable, what is not viable perishes. That which wins is righteous. That which grinds the bones of the enemy into dust is justified by its ability. That which is ground and scattered by the wind is deserved.

To achieve victory, to shatter the will of the weak, to force them to their deserved destiny is wholly correct.

Compassion for ones enemies is the inborn mental defect of a thrall.

Reality is the just result of a contest between rivals and the arena in which the contest is held. It is the stage and the act.

Nature cares not for ceaseless talk and deliberation only results, she is fairer then anything the human mind could ever invent, fairer then any social construct especially one based on forced equality. She is the non-paradox, the unfeeling, the real.

Man likes to hoist false morality high to obscure his weaknesses, it is a mere screen and he says it is his realization of his evolved self, his removal from nature, his rising above, his perfection but this is his self deception glorified and his denial of reality. This is his justification for his devolution.

Man deceives himself and moves away from the principals of reality and in so doing ruins himself. He removes his own entrails as an act of penance for past victory and is now hollow, a mere ghost of his former self. His fear of conflict, that contest between rivals where the outcome is unknown until one is left standing and the other is dust, unmans him and he says of himself in this flaccid state, “ I am more evolved then to participate in such abominable acts”. Meanwhile he decays in the insolence of the weak the pomposity of an idiot preteen girl.

When real man, higher man, was more prevalent reality was not so feared and was confronted head on. Modern man is weak and pathetic and in comparison to the man of the past is nothing more the remnant. It is modern mans fear of reality, his shunning of truth and his ability to create the great façade that barely holds back his destruction that makes him such.

Fairness is a governing principal to allow for the cooperation of true equals. Fairness offered to ineffectuals is anti-reality and supplication to nature for death. Equality only exist between those that fear each other but need each other at the same time, not between higher man and the chaff he is forced to support.

Denial of the hash realities and denial of the elemental competition is prayer for death and no matter how pretty the facade it can not hold back reality. In time the fist of nature corrects all ills.

There is no easy way to survive, someone has to do the dirty work, the not so pretty realities, the killing and the destruction, the elemental competitions that surround peace like an advancing fog. Little girls don’t enjoy sunny lazy days without a care in the world because their fathers were shirkers or moralistic indignant do-gooder’s but because those fathers killed everything that threatened to ruin what they had built. There is no way around it. But the pathetic masses love to decry any example of the elemental competition when their eyes accidentally witness it.

Needless to say there are those who do what needs to be done and those who being incapable of securing survival for themselves let alone a society love to moralize. A simple flow of air from the lungs over the tongue and out of the mouth to the ears of adult infants, so much less strenuous and so very pious.

The plump pleasure seeker pushes away reality on all fronts, he subconsciously knows he lives behind high walls that protect him but he denies this reality, he wants to believe the world is softer then it is. He knows nothing of the warrior on the wall who does the work, the one whose hands are covered with blood.

The rivals battle, the plump pleasure seeker goes about his day screaming out his demands and somehow the system has made it this far. The problem is as the plump pleasure seeker lives the life of ease he propagates and becomes a massive majority of chaotic morons. This is where we are, the plump pleasure seeker, the reality denier, has multiplied to unconceivable proportions diminishing higher mans effectiveness and now this ineffectual makes the rules and his concern is nothing more then the endless pursuit of comfort. He does not understand what damage he causes, he can not comprehend for he is lower man and he needs to either be transformed or destroyed. If he is not forced to transform or is not destroyed he will be an annihilator of everything.