The Timid New Society

Thank the gods for the idiot many, the whining hordes that seek pleasure in purchase of trinkets. If not for them the heights we might reach, but lo they drag down the noble few to deal with trivial matters. Following the piper with guarantees of endless amusements, down, down, down.

In a hundred years, the reflux complete – thank the gods for the idiot many.

Go forth Brother and make for yourself a new society from the shattered remnants of the one we have ruined. Make a new society where all are equal, from the lowest murderous criminal to the sickest of degenerate freaks to the family man to the good citizen to the noble hero and all those in between. Set no standard too high in order to maintain harmony through mediocrity. Rebuff the pursuit of excellence and endlessly pound the spirit of the energetic into dust so that they might be more suitable for their fate as cogs in the machine of mediocrity. Create a world in which living is itself a burden, a place where death seems like sanctuary.

Bring forth the slime to guide the way into the great abyss, go forth brother you have wanted it so and it is upon you and I will see you again when your world comes crashing down and I will be there and mercilessness will be my guiding principal.